Our Transgender Jesus ChristoPagan Crucifix

This graphic was a merger of the pentacle and the crucifix with the addition of Jesus as a female. I had this graphic created to be a symbol of my spiritual path which is a merger of Christianity and Wicca along with Jesus portrayed as transgender which is my (Willow’s) life experience. The above twoContinue reading “Our Transgender Jesus ChristoPagan Crucifix”

Adopt The Golden Rule

“He should not wish for others that which he doth not wish for himself, nor promise that which he doth not fulfill.” – Baha’i Faith Gleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah, p. 266 “Hurt not others in ways you find hurtful.” – Buddhism Tripitaka, Udnana-varga 5.18 “Therefore all things whatsoever you desire that men shouldContinue reading “Adopt The Golden Rule”

The Spiritual Practice of Interfaith ChristoPagan Nuns | Introduction

Welcome to Green Path Monastery! We are so happy that you are taking the time to read our blog post and learn about the changes that are going on in our home as we convert it into a Monastery. River and I have seen all of the religious divisions all over the world and decidedContinue reading “The Spiritual Practice of Interfaith ChristoPagan Nuns | Introduction”