The Epistle of Jude for Today A Progressive Look At The Text

A thought provoking commentary on the general epistle of Jude by Sister Abigail Hester. All Scriptures references from The Bible In Basic English. About The Bible In Basic English “The Bible in Basic English was printed in 1965 ( Now Public Domain), this version of the Bible was developed for those with limited education orContinue reading “The Epistle of Jude for Today A Progressive Look At The Text”

Good News For Transgender Christians

My name is Sister Abigail Hester. My pronouns are She/They. I consider myself to be trans feminine but have gotten to a place that is simply beyond gender and completely non-binary in my gender expression. If you can understand the paradox of my gender experience then maybe you could consider me an agender woman. ToContinue reading “Good News For Transgender Christians”

It is time for you as a Christian Witch to come out of the broom closet.

It is fear that is keeping us in hiding and we know from Biblical text that God has not given us a spirit of fear but one of … Power Love Sound Mind We are told in the Gospels to let our light shine NOT go into hiding. “A radical act of self-love is toContinue reading “It is time for you as a Christian Witch to come out of the broom closet.”

A Goddess Inclusive Baptismal Ceremony

River and I still find water baptism to be an important ritual of dedication. We choose to hold a baptismal ceremony for those who are interested on Summer Solstice. It is on John the Baptist Day (June 24th) that we honor the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. This is also the time thatContinue reading “A Goddess Inclusive Baptismal Ceremony”

The Negative Confession

1. Hail, Usekh-nemmt, who comest forth from Anu, I have not committed sin. 2. Hail, Hept-khet, who comest forth from Kher-aha, I have not committed robbery with violence. 3. Hail, Fenti, who comest forth from Khemenu, I have not stolen. 4. Hail, Am-khaibit, who comest forth from Qernet, I have not slain men and women.Continue reading “The Negative Confession”