Book of Shadows

Our Book of Shadows and Light is a book of prayers, ceremonies, meditations, blessings, magickal notes, and references. This is where we will have information on working with the angels, the saints, colors, novena magick and candles, aromas, forms of healing, gems, the uses of herbs, oils, crystals, and healing recipes. It is a collection of ceremonies, rituals, power thoughts, prayers, spells, magickal workings, and passages of enlightenment that have been effective for River and I.

Some of the information that we will be sharing with you below will be links to articles and information found on the River Willow Apothecary site.

The strength of your focus and your clarity of mind are more important than any ingredient that you will use. Mental clarity and feeling grounded before spellwork is essential to receive the outcome you’re seeking.

Holy Santo
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